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Ibex Press Publishing

Ibex Press is devoted to publishing extraordinary imaginative literature with the power to bend the reader’s mind towards the contemplative inner life, to understand what hidden truths lay within themselves and stir emotions so that new perspectives on the outside world can be embraced and old prejudices dissolved. Our goal is that through compelling storytelling our readers will see the world in a more inclusive tolerant light, more empathetic to the inner pain felt by every human being.

New forms of literary techniques are welcomed; straight prose, experimental writing, multi-lingual, multi-sexual, stream-of-consciousness, tragic, comic, dramatic, poetic, song — a hodgepodge of expressive forms which will keep the reader on their toes and involved in the game of play page-after-page of surprise.

What Ibex Press does not publish is straight genre narratives that follow formulaic writing with nothing to say about the human condition. There is enough of that fed to society through traditional media entertainment.

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Ibex Press is a late-stage Indie Press who seeks to publish writers who have:

A work which meets the criteria of the mission statement above as judged by the editorial team at Ibex;

An original, fully developed, and edited manuscript from 25,000 to 100,000 words ready for the press;

Expended all their sweat, blood and tears (figuratively of course), their time, resources and energy into getting traditionally published, but in spite of the priceless value of their work have a drawer full of rejection slips and unanswered emails (for which countless hours of perfecting a synopsis and query letter were expended with nothing to show for it, to literary agents, traditional publishers and Indie presses;

Works which may have been previously self-published and are looking to be published under a new ISBN with a legitimate imprint that is not named Amazon.

A first draft of a pre-planned marketing strategy;

An active newsletter with at least 100 subscribers;

Owns a pet – just kidding!

Seriously, Ibex Press is looking for writers who have explored every avenue to get published, and earnestly believe their words have the power to bring about change in a reader’s life if they but could read the writer’s amazing story.

How to Submit

Write an essay of no more than 250 words giving the title and word count of the work, confirming it is a work of fiction. Give no brief description or synopsis of what the book is about — we will derive that from the title (if desired a synopsis of 250 words or less can be attached as a double spaced word document or PDF, but not as part of the letter). Explain why you wrote the story, who or what inspired it, and how you came up with the idea. Give a short author bio focused on you the writer, not what you do to support yourself. Explain who your biggest literary influences are, your three favorite authors and the title of a work which others might compare to your own.

Email with your last name and title of the novel in the subject line