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How to Write a Novel

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  1. DO NOT exceed 250-300 pages as a Debut Novelist.
  2. DO NOT polish a first rough draft. They call it rough for a reason.
  3. DO NOT write a first rough draft from start to finish. Write beginning, then jump to the most important and climactic scenes in the middle, then write the end. Then fill in roughly between.
  4. DO NOT yet polish.
  5. After first draft is written, pay for a developmental edit.
  6. Follow edit recommendations and revise; throw away what’s not working, insert new. 
  7. Separately work on character development and adjust draft to reflect deeper understanding.
  8. After second draft is complete, pay for a line edit. 
  9. Follow edit recommendations and begin to eliminate all bad habits of grammar (adverbs, weak verbs, too many adjectives, etc.). 
  10. Use unique verbs, nouns, adjectives.
  11. DO NOT polish. Yet.
  12. Pay for a proof read.
  13. Send out Agent Queries. Pay a service firm to help you choose agents.
  14. Send out to Beta readers (pay some if necessary). 
  15. Make changes based on feedback if warranted. Keep sending out to Beta readers until generally positive reviews are received back.
  16. If agent responds, send them pages from ever changing drafts based on Beta feedback.
  17. DO NOT polish. Yet.
  18. An Agent or Publisher’s editor will collaborate on changes.
  19. NOW polish.
  20. Now pay for Copy Edit.
  21. Now Print

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