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Worthy’s End in Devil’s Den

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“Worthy!” Daisy shouted.

She gripped the corners of her scarlet head scarf to protect her curls from the spitting fast rain. The headlights of a bottle-green roadster tapped their rear bumper from behind.

“Worthy, slow down! He’s serious, this time!”

“I take orders from no woman,” he shouted, and sped ahead with a fierceness she hadn’t noticed before. She shouted: “Even if I’m with child—yours?” That stopped him, and he slowed down too suddenly. A hit from behind and their red Stutz Bearcat veered over the road’s soft shoulder into the reservoir.

The man driving the other car, engine purring but in neutral, peered over the un-railed precipice with drunken curiosity. Without remorse he spied the body of his wife floating, red polka dot dress puffed up by air bubbles in fuming water, beside the submerged car. He nearly drove his own car in before he regained control, then sped away.

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